The creation and design qualities of neon and kinetic signs used in commercial art have captivated me from a young age - I grew up in a house filled with these signs, and was constantly warned of their fragility. The only surviving original Lionel train kinetic neon from 1947 (a gigantic, pink steam engine with moving wheels and smoke) resides above my bed; the horse-sized Mobil Oil Pegasus flickers orange next to the fireplace. As I learned more about graphic design, I came to recognize the beauty of the handcrafted glass (all neon signs are still handmade), the intensity of color combinations, the unique letterforms, and the succinct logo-like quality of the signs. Inspired by modern and contemporary light and neon artists like Dan Flavin, Tracy Emin, and Bruce Nauman, I began to learn the craft of neon sculpture at The Crucible (an industrial arts studio in Oakland), and have continued to explore the use of light from neon in photography.

Gongfu Tea Presentation

Slides created for a lecture on Chinese Gongfu tea ceremonies and proper tea drinking procedures, based on my knowledge of tea and instruments collected while living in Fujian Province, China. Delivered at Saint Anthony Hall, New Haven. Created Winter 2011.

Cantata Profana

Graphic designer for the New York-based theatrical chamber group Cantata Profana from its inception until late 2014. Designed the logo, many color posters for concerts, black & white programs intended for low printing costs, and developed a consistent style and branding. Worked closely with the artistic director to translate the intent and emotions of each concert's program into graphical representations.

Yale Office of Sustainability

I worked with Education & Outreach Coordinator to design and distribute poster, information, and media campaigns for the Yale College Sustainable Service Corps, using the established brand identity for the Yale Office of Sustainability. Recent projects include branding for a city-wide food conference, posters for residential college butteries and Yale institutional events, and instructional stickers for every heating unit in the Yale College dormitories.

Recent Posters

Various posters created for musical performances and events on Yale Campus.

Dwight Hall PR Coordinator

As PR Coordinator on the Executive Committee, I handled all publicity, widespread correspondence, and design for the student-run center of public service and social justice at Yale. My main accomplishment was rebranding Dwight Hall's image on campus by reworking old logos and adding new identities. Rebranding efforts extended to consultation on the new website design, a modernized newsletter, letterpressed table tents (using hand-carved woodblocks), t-shirts, publications, and the lobby interior.

Elm City Echo

I designed the logo and magazine layout, as well as contributing to the overarching vision, for the publication Elm City Echo, YHHAP’s newest initiative during my time as Assistant Director. The Elm City Echo creates economic and expressive opportunities for marginalized members of the New Haven community and gives the homeless a voice. This design aimed to create a low-cost but elegant product that would do justice to its content. Created Spring 2011 for the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project.

Poles Apart

The assignment - interpret a story in a magazine and create an illustrated book. I took a story on land art from the New Yorker entitled “Poles Apart” and imposed upon my images the same arbitrary geometry that land art imposes upon nature. The full book is 8 x 12 and is bound on a porcupine quill. Created Fall 2011, Intro to Graphic Design.

Occupy New Haven

Two hand-cut 18 x 24 posters critique the brandedness of the Occupy movement by using the highly politicized font of Occupy (Gotham Bold) and Twitter handles to represent statistical slogans, while exploring how these movements can be individuated through images. Created Fall 2011, Introduction to Graphic Design with Henk van Assen.